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3 Different Sized Cube Shape Christmas Gift Box

3 Different Sized Cube Shape Christmas Gift Box


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The cuboidal gift box is a marvelous addition to your Christmas festivities, designed with a metal frame featuring a hollow pattern. Some of these boxes are upholstered with luxurious velvet, while others have a transparent design, offering a unique twist to your holiday gifting. Inside each box, you'll find glitzy LED lights that add a mesmerizing and eye-catching element. This set includes three boxes of varying sizes. Each box is adorned with a distinctive bow-type ribbon, enhancing its stylish appearance and making it an ideal choice for spreading holiday cheer and joy.

  • Type: Christmas Gift Box
  • Specific Use: Christmas Gift Box
  • Material: Metal, PVC
  • 3 Pieces Cubical Gift Box
  • LED Light


  • Length: 9.84 Inches (25 cm)
  • Width: 9.84 Inches (25 cm)
  • Height: 11 Inches (28 cm)


  • Length: 7.87 Inches (20 cm)
  • Width: 7.87 Inches (20 cm)
  • Height: 9.05 Inches (23 cm)


  • Length: 5.9 Inches (15 cm)
  • Width: 5.9 Inches (15 cm)
  • Height: 6.69 Inches (17 cm)
  • Metal hollow boxes are available in three different sizes.
  • Covered with glitzy materials or colorful textures for a festive look.
  • Each box features a bow-type ribbon for added decoration.
  • Sturdy metal body construction ensures durability.
  • LED lighting enhances the visual appeal, making these gift boxes eye-catching and perfect for Christmas presents.
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